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CPPAN is the crossplatform C/C++ dependency manager.
It is built on top of CMake and also has build system capabilities.
CPPAN supports fast script-style coding and prototyping as well as handling big projects.
Find, share and reuse libraries, publish your projects. Spend time on your code and not on managing dependencies.
CPPAN does it for you decreasing package include time to seconds!
It supports easy crosscompiling, inheriting and pushing your own settings, flags to every dependency.


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After registration you will be able to upload your packages to CPPAN.

Install client
Requirements: CMake >= 3.2

Install using 'dpkg' or 'rpm' utilities. Requires C++14 compatible ABI (>= gcc-5).

Ubuntu 16.04:
sudo apt install cmake
wget https://cppan.org/client/cppan-master-Linux-client.deb
sudo dpkg -i cppan-master-Linux-client.deb

Ubuntu 14.04:
wget https://www.cmake.org/files/v3.6/cmake-3.6.1-Linux-x86_64.sh
sudo sh cmake-3.6.1-Linux-x86_64.sh --skip-license --prefix=/usr
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gcc-5
wget https://cppan.org/client/cppan-master-Linux-client.deb
sudo dpkg -i cppan-master-Linux-client.deb

Unpack the archive and put it to some dir under PATH
or directly to your project dir.

wget https://cppan.org/client/cppan-master-macOS-client.zip
unzip cppan-master-macOS-client.zip
sudo cp cppan /usr/local/bin/


Total downloads: 6319101
Total packages: 1339
Total versions: 5681

Recently added packages
# Package Version
1 pvt.simonflueckiger.tesseract.wordlist2dawg 4.1.1
2 pvt.simonflueckiger.tesseract.unicharset_training 4.1.1
3 pvt.simonflueckiger.tesseract.unicharset_extractor 4.1.1
4 pvt.simonflueckiger.tesseract.text2image 4.1.1
5 pvt.simonflueckiger.tesseract.tessopt 4.1.1
6 pvt.simonflueckiger.tesseract.tesseract 4.1.1
7 pvt.simonflueckiger.tesseract.shapeclustering 4.1.1
8 pvt.simonflueckiger.tesseract.set_unicharset_properties 4.1.1
9 pvt.simonflueckiger.tesseract.mftraining 4.1.1
10 pvt.simonflueckiger.tesseract.lstmtraining 4.1.1
Most popular direct dependency
# Package Version Downloads
1 pvt.cppan.demo.gnome.pango.pangocairo 1.42.3 17053
2 pvt.cppan.demo.unicode.icu.i18n 63.1.0 15073
3 pvt.cppan.demo.danbloomberg.leptonica 1.76.0 14359
4 pvt.cppan.demo.libarchive.libarchive 3.3.2 11251
5 pvt.cppan.demo.google.tesseract.tesseract master 7204

Most popular indirect dependency
# Package Version Downloads
1 pvt.cppan.demo.madler.zlib 1.2.11 58586
2 pvt.cppan.demo.bzip2 1.0.6 42624
3 pvt.cppan.demo.xz_utils.lzma 5.2.4 33888
4 pvt.cppan.demo.mgk25.jbig.ar 2.1.0 31084
5 pvt.cppan.demo.mgk25.jbig.jbig 2.1.0 31071